World Poker Tour® Announces Alliance With Ourgame in Asia

Ourgame to Have Exclusive Rights to WPT® Brand in More Than a Dozen Countries and Territories, Including China and Macau

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Los Angeles, CA (December 15, 2014) — World Poker Tour® today announced an alliance with Ourgame International Holdings Limited, under which it has agreed to license products and services on an exclusive basis in more than a dozen countries across Asia.

Ourgame will have the right to use the WPT® logo and trademark exclusively in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Korea, Nepal, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. They will also have non-exclusive rights in Japan.

The alliance will also bring new WPT National and WPT Main Tour events with select live streamed final tables to the region starting in 2015, along with WPT-branded free play and social games and distribution of televised World Poker Tour® programs. The companies will also collaborate in WPT-branded merchandise and television production in Asia.

“The World Poker Tour® has worked hard to expand its footprint throughout Asian territories over the last few years with much success. A big part of this success was based on our strong working partnership with Ourgame, who established WPT National China at MGM Grand Sanya,” said WPT President Adam Pliska. “Ourgame has proven to be exactly the sort of business ally we seek; a credible group of visionaries with incredible strategic leverage and a true commitment to the long-term growth of poker. By working with Ourgame to expand the WPT brand in Asia, we are assuring that the recent strong growth of the WPT in the region will continue for many years to come.”

Ourgame CEO Frank Ng adds, “As China’s leading card and board game platform, we are very pleased to have found a great global partner in the World Poker Tour, as we start to expand from China to Asia. The WPT is a true global leader in organizing world-class poker events around the globe, and we share a common vision of promoting poker as a genuine mind sport.  Over the past three years, we have worked together to not only establish WPT National China as one of the largest and most influential poker events in Asia, but also introduced world-class poker tournaments to the fast-expanding Chinese poker community.  The WPT’s brand and global experience will be a significant asset to us as we expand overseas, and we have every confidence that we will together achieve much more success in Asia.”

More information will become available at a press conference held at the official kick-off of this alliance in January 2015. Details to follow.

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